Presidential Task Force on Racial Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in Bioethics

Presidential Task Force on Racial Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in Bioethics PPT

Walk the Talk Workshop Summary of Suggestions

Explore and recommend strategies for improving diversity and racial equity in the field of bioethics

The work of bioethics involves critical analysis of values, norms, moral principles and biases in the biosciences, biotechnology, medicine, and health care. While there has been praiseworthy attention among those working in bioethics to social determinants of health and racial disparities, there has been comparatively little attention to the lack of ethnic diversity and racial equity within the developing field of bioethics itself. Yet, among the humanistic disciplines, bioethics has a particular responsibility for attending to unjustifiable inequities and to insuring that its own practices, educational activities and research is inclusive and fair. In keeping with the ABPD’s public commitments in its “Statement on Violence, COVID, and Structural Racism in American Society”, the REDI Task Force will examine and recommend changes in the field of bioethics itself as it relates to the current lack of diversity, racial inequities and exclusion

1.Assess and document the current state of ethnic diversity and racial inequities in the field of bioethics in North America
2.Describe problems, causes, and consequences associated with existing inequities and a lack of diverse perspectives and voices in bioethics
3.Identify individual and institutional responsibilities for improving diversity, equity, and inclusion in bioethics aimed at sustainable change and transformation in the field of bioethics
4.Develop indicators, an assessment tool(s), and research approaches for examining bioethics programs regarding structural racism and possibilities for increasing equity, diversity, and inclusion.
5.Identify strategies, actions, and funding sources for improving diversity in bioethics research, practice and education in the near and longer future

Christine Mitchell

Sandra Soo-Jin Lee

Clarence Braddock III

Faith Fletcher

Charlene Galarneau

Nanibaa Garrison

Renee McLeod-Sordjan

Ubaka Ogbogu

Nneka O Sederstorm

Patrick Smith

Angelica Johnson

Dounya Alami-Nassif

Shawneequa Callier

Alexis Walker

Jennifer James