Professional Development Workshop: Presentation Skills

Wednesday, October 23, 2019, 8:00 AM-4:30 PM

 Westin Pittsburgh Convention Center Hotel, Rooms 304 and 305

Do you want to improve your presentation skills?  Whether it is a job talk, department meeting, donor meeting, or a national conference, these tools will assist you in presenting yourself in a manner than can build confidence and increase your effectiveness tailored to your audience.  Join Dana Band for a day-long interactive workshop.  You will:

  • Learn a process to prepare for a variety of presentation opportunities
  • Apply a model to organize and prioritize your material
  • Apply PowerPoint guidelines for increased retention
  • Prepare to participate on a panel
  • Manage question-and-answer segments with confidence and control
  • Use stories to make presentations more vivid and memorable
  • Use visualizing to clarify ideas and boost retention
  • Engage your audience to hold their attention and gain buy-in
  • Deliver strong openings that grab your audience’s attention
  • Close in memorable ways that spark action

Participants should come prepared with a current presentation–one they have just given or one that they will be presenting in the near future.



This workshop is supported by generous donations from the following: